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About us

What’s My Purpose was started by Scott Morrison in 2016 to help people find their purpose in life. Everyone has a story to tell and your story is still being written. It’s our mission to help inspire you to live a life of purpose. We believe that you were created to create and that we’re all artists. Through the power of art, vision boards, YouTube videos, books, and sharing people’s testimonies of lives transformed, we do it all to inspire you. We hope that you choose to live a life pursuing God. God sent His only begotten Son to make the ultimate sacrifice for us, so that we shall have eternal life if we simply believe that Jesus Christ is Lord & Savior. He loves you and celebrates you more than anyone ever possibly could. This website celebrates Him and His unfailing love for us. Please continue to follow us on Instagram, YouTube and our daily free emails that we send out. We will keep striving to help you to live a life of purpose. If you would like to reach out to us with any questions you may have please email me at God Bless!